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Summer of Real | ONE Blog Circle | Kalamazoo Lifestyle Photographer

Last summer, I took on a personal photography project to shoot one image a week for 12 weeks during the summer.  It went great. I have lots of images I love from our summer and it ended up being the first personal project I ever actually completed.  This summer, I decided to try another weekly photo project, but with less pressure.  My summer of real.  No pressure to find great light or nail the perfect composition.  I am giving myself permission to make plenty of mistakes and just capture our memories quickly so I can put the camera away and enjoy my time with my kids. I recently invested in a mirrorless camera that is so tiny and light, it almost looks like a point and shoot. It’s great for throwing in my bag and grabbing quality shots on the fly.  I am hoping it will help me capture the memories while staying more present in the moment with my kids.  It’s such a hard balance to find!

My oldest will be completing 2nd grade in the next couple of weeks and leaving the early elementary building that I currently teach at.  He’s been in my music class since kindergarten.  That was the fastest three years, and I am in total shock that I blinked and it’s over.  Next year, he’ll be a third grader in the Later Elementary.  It’s on the same campus as my building, so I don’t know why I’m such a wreck about it.  I cannot imagine what high school graduation is going to look like for us!

Anyway, this is my Week 1, Summer of Real.  We kicked off summer with a wonderful Memorial Day weekend spending time together, hanging out in the yard.  Isaac and Daddy shooting hoops.  These are the memories I want to keep in my heart.

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