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12 Weeks of Summer | Week 4

These summer weeks are so busy, it is making the time just fly!

Cinda and I had a little play date with some photographer friends of ours on a gorgeous farm with beautiful light everywhere. Of course, their kids all played in the corn fields with the incredible backlight while my girl found dirt piles to climb and made mud cookies. Oh well!

I bought the kids rain boots this Spring, and we finally got to use them with an amazing rainy day! Robby loved it!

The night before we left for our trip, the boys and I went to pick up pizza for dinner. While we were waiting for our pizza to be ready, we toured the adorable local garden shop in our town. Isaac is in a phase where he is always changing his mind what he wants to be when he grows up. While walking through the garden shop, he told me he wanted to be a gardener and grow flowers, but didn’t want to sell them to anyone.

On clear evenings, the light shines directly through our living room windows so beautifully this time of year. I don’t ways shoot for the light, but when I do, I put candy on the window sill to attract a kid or two… Don’t mind my dirty windows.

Toward the end of the week, we drove to WNY for my brothers wedding. His mother and father-in-law are the most generous people, and let us borrow their camper so we could stay at a campground instead of a hotel. The kids said it was the best vacation ever! 

My brother and his wife are amazing people and I am so glad we got to share in their day! All three of the kids walked down the aisle- we were so proud of them!  More pictures from our NY trip in my week 5 blog post!  

My whole world in one frame <3

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