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12 Weeks of Summer | Week 6

If you’ve been following my summer project, you may noticed that I skipped week 5.  I didn’t actually.  I just somehow mushed two weeks together somewhere and got off count with my weeks. Last weeks should’ve been 5.  Oh well!

We spent the majority of week 6 in Western New York, where I grew up.  Our campground had so many fun things to do including a pool, jump pad, and playground. The kids loved having Uncle Iain to play with, who (despite the fact that he is entering Med school this Fall) is still a big kid himself and we love it!  I couldn’t decide between b&w for the pool image, so there’s both…

The kids have seen glances of Niagara Falls many times as we have driven past it on our way to my hometown, but this was the first time we ever took them to see it close up.   

Our campground was right next door to a small, carnival-like amusement park.  Robby loved the boats and cars, and this was Isaac’s first year to be tall enough for the big rides.  He especially loved the roller coasters!

I noticed these fun mural walls while driving one day.  We happened to go out for ice cream a few days later and I realized the walls were conveniently just around the corner from the ice cream place.  So, we walked over and everyone humored me while I took their picture.

We had planned to go to the mushroom pool that I played in as a child on one of the days. Sadly, it was closed, so we had to settle for the splash pad.

My newest niece and God daughter, Brooke is such a doll.  I had to snap some pictures of her to surprise her mom and dad while they were away on their honeymoon.

The drive home is always so much longer than the drive there. Everyone is tired and sick of eating fast food.  The trip is always worth it though.

After a few good nights sleep in our own beds, we took the kids blueberry picking. Robby ate a ton, but the other two did awesome and filled as much in their bucket as dad did!

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