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12 Weeks of Summer | Week 7

I have been struggling to photograph Isaac lately.  A few weeks ago, another photog mentioned how little I include him in my images.  He doesn’t enjoy it much anymore, especially when it means he has to stand still or follow specific directions.  He was super excited about this trampoline picture though.  He even asked his sister to get off the trampoline because this was HIS picture.  He jumped so many times, even after I told him I had gotten some good ones, each time asking me if there was anything he could do to make it better.  For days afterward, he asked me if I had worked on his pictures yet.  It made my heart so happy, and I hope I have a few more years of this enthusiasm before he starts with the whole ‘preteen’ thing.

Roller skating in the garage…

“Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeease….” can I have s’mores?

Daddy mows trails through our back forty.  The kids love to go back there on adventures.

I worked a lot during week 7, catching up on client editing from before our trip and getting ready for mini sessions.  The kids don’t always love being test subjects for my session ideas, especially getting dressed up, but I bribed them with goody bags and lots of pez candy and they handled it well.  I love having a few posed shots to hang on my walls and share with family members who don’t always appreciate my more artistic and sometimes faceless portraits of the kids.

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