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Rainy days keep us inside and together… ONE Blog Circle

November edition of ONE.

Welcome to our first blog circle post! I was recently accepted into the ClickPro program, a group of incredibly talented female artists. It was on my heart to collaborate more with this amazing group of ladies, and this blog circle is the result. On the first of each month, we will share one image that spoke to our hearts with a simple explanation of why it is meaningful.  No other rules or themes.

Fall is my favorite season to shoot in Southwest Michigan.  I love the colors and possibilities. It is also when I am the busiest with my business and allows me the least amount of time photographing my own children.  The times when I can shoot them, it is often because it’s too cold or raining, and no one wants to be outside.

We had one weekend of torrential down pouring, which meant lots of time to catch up on work, and snuggle.  The rain on the window was so beautiful, so I pulled back the blinds and curtains and called the kids over to watch it.  They can never be close together without touching, and that often results in someone getting mad or hurt.  This time, I was able to capture a sweet moment of them together before the arguing began. This is pretty typical of our life.  Intermittent and brief moments of sweet peace, amidst the usual chaos of most days.

This is just one of many reasons why I love photography.  These moments go too fast for me to keep in my sleep deprived brain without having an image to prove that it really happened.

Be sure to head over to my amazingly talented friend, Danielle’s blog from Little Farm Photography to see what gorgeousness she has chosen to feature this month!


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