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Summer please stay… | Southwest Michigan Family Lifestyle Photographer

It’s blog circle time for the month of August! Be sure to click the links and travel all the way around the circle to see the collection of images put together by talented artists from around the world. Up next is Southern Idaho Photographer, Jessie Nelson.

The month of August is like one long Sunday night, with the anticipation of Monday morning just lurking around the bend. I find myself desperately trying to hang onto these lazy mornings in our PJs, drinking coffee and reading books on the deck, paying no mind to the clock, with no where important to be. I treasure these long, hot days. Days spent in the pool, at the beach, fruit picking at the farm, hiking nature preserves, playing at the park, eating frozen yogurt in place of a meal, going to the library, or farmers market, or any place else we want to go, because we can.  My heart just aches as these days come to a close as the stores fill their shelves with back to school supplies, and I find myself spending more and more time lesson planning and preparing my classroom. Don’t get me wrong, I really do love the Fall. Back to school is so exciting and brings so many new sweet little faces to love along with it, but I grieve the coming loss of this time with my own children. Each summer has brought us new adventures as they grow so quickly with new milestones being met each year; potty training, big boy beds, first swim in the ‘big pool’, learning to ride a bike. The close of yet another summer is almost more than my heart can bear. I am going to hang onto these days, and the memory of them as tightly as I can for now, and cherish them while I can. I hope you are able to do the same.

Much love and happy summer <3

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