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Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays! We hope this finds you well. 2019 was a fun year for us. Here are some highlights in no particular order.
We lost some teeth.

Enjoyed many snow days in our pajamas because it was too cold to go outside… And a few snow days playing in the snow.Of course, hot chocolate.Celebrated lots of birthdays. Isaac turned 9, Jacinda 7, and Robby 4. Took a trip to Florida to see Nana on Spring break. It was Robby’s first time on an airplane. 

Played lots of sports… gymnastics
Cheerleading…Football…And lots of soccer…

The whole family completed the Mattawan Wildcat 5k.Lots of homework! The kids are all doing so well in school. We are very proud of their efforts.  The Summer of 2019 was packed with FUN. We enjoyed so many trips to the various beaches along Lake Michigan.I took a camping trip with each of the kids this summer.  Isaac and I enjoyed hiking and jumping sand dunes at PJ Hoffmaster State Park.  He has gotten quite good at blowing bubbles with his chewing gum.Robby and I spent the night at Jelly Stone in South Haven.Jacinda and I went to Holland State Park, jumped huge waves, and walked out on the pier.We consumed a lot of ice cream…New swing set for the yard.Canoed down the Kalamazoo River with friends from Daddy’s work.Rode bikes all summer long with friends and neighbors.We swam in our little backyard pool.We took MANY trips to the library.
We enjoyed a trip to the waterpark…

and the zoo…Eating lunch with Daddy at the park up the road from his work.
We attended a wedding on the Fletcher side of the family.More family camping fun..

Lost some more teeth…Back to school in the Fall of 2019 for Isaac’s 4th grade year, Jacinda’s 2nd grade year, Robby’s preschool year, and my 14th year of teaching.

Cinda got her hair cut this Fall.  It’s super cute <3Halloween brought two spiders and a black panther to our home.And it snowed during trick or treating.We are reading the Harry Potter series as a family.  It is my favorite fiction series of books, and I am super excited that the kids are enjoying them too.Robby had his tonsils taken out this year, and recovered just fine.Some of my favorite random little moments from this year…

Playing dress up…and bey blades.
More snow days…

I tried some macro photography this year…We are grateful for this past year and look forward to 2020, wishing you all a blessed year ahead.

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