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This is 3 | Kalamazoo Child Photographer | October ONE Blog Circle

Three.  This. Is. THREE. He’s my baby, my bubba, my last. I am in awe that I once again time has moved so fast I feel like I almost can’t quite remember all the details. It’s times like these that I am so grateful for photography.  I have so many photographs of this little guy that make me tear up with joy remembering those little details that had slipped my mind. I am ever more excited to be shooting video now and hope to capture even more of my sweet kids faces.  For now, there’s him.  We celebrate this sweet, sassy, smart, silly, rough and tumble kid.  He loves to rough house with Isaac, and play doggie with Jacinda. He loves to say “check out my new jump” and jump off the couch the same way he has a thousand times before while we clap and cheer for him. He is my mama’s boy through and through, and although I haven’t been there for him as often as I’d like because of work, he forgives me and loves me and screams “mommy” running fulling steam at me with arms open wide as soon as I enter a room.

I love this boy with all my heart, and I am so grateful God gave him to me as a gift.  I will cherish every photograph I have of him, and keep taking more as the years go by to keep these sweet features and details of him close to my heart.

ONE Blog circle is a collaboration of female photographers from around the world who share our favorite image on the first of each month.  Please be sure to click all the way around the circle to see the gorgeous collection of images. Click to see what talented Katy Texas Photographer Monica Cutraro has to share this month.

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