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Snow Day Film Fun | My ‘Why’ for shooting films | Kalamazoo Photographer and Family Films

SnowDay.1.8.18 from Tara on Vimeo.

I have played around with shooting video for a few years now, but never got serious about learning how to edit.  I hit a dramatic turning point and made it a goal of mine to learn almost two years ago. Here’s my ‘why’ for shooting films:

In 2014, my close friend’s father had decided he no longer wanted to treat the cancer he was suffering from and wished to live his remaining time without the side effects from those treatments.  It was Christmas, and I offered to photograph her family with her parents, since it may be his last. I was not at all confident in my film-making abilities, but I shot some anyway, without telling her. Life got busy, and long after I had delivered her still images, I  had not gotten around to doing anything with the video clips.  Knowing I would likely not have time in the near future, I passed the clips to her husband to store.

Fast forward to Father’s Day 2016. My own Father had been in the hospital for a few months due to complications with a simple knee replacement. Knowing he would not leave the hospital and ready to be done suffering, he chose to be removed from life support. My family was crushed.  A month later, my friend’s father passed away. I remembered the video and messaged her husband, who conveniently had a background in shooting and editing video.  A few days later I went to her house.  She was sitting at her kitchen table surrounded by photographs of her dad and family that were going into collages for the funeral.  Her husband brought out his laptop and we both sat at the table and sobbed as we watched the video. I honestly am not sure who cried harder. I still can’t talk or write about this story without the tears flowing.  The gravity of that moment hit me so hard.  There we sat, at a table full of still memories in photographs, and none of them moved our hearts the way that video did.

I am so very sad that I never thought to take any video like that of my Dad, but I am so glad I pushed record for my friend. Now, I am going to keep pushing record for my children, and for my family. My children and I have watched this little snow day film over and over again. They love seeing their giggles and expressions in films. We will cherish this video for a long time!

I recently took a few classes on shooting and editing film, and once I add more to my portfolio, I look forward to adding films to my sessions. Make sure to get on my mailing list to hear details about booking hybrid photo & film sessions for your family this summer!

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