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Winter Lifestyle Photography makes my world go ’round | Kalamazoo Photographer

Winter tends to be when things slow down and everyone hunkers down and stays warm. It gives me a chance to catch up on old personal projects and create some new work for myself.  The days are short, but feel long. We go to school in the dark and come home in the dark, so I find myself actively looking for light at all times of day and night.  It is this time of year, every year, that I seem to fall in love with lifestyle photography all over again.  There is something about finding the beauty in the everyday that pulls at my heart and helps me see how blessed I am. Seeing my children jump on the bed looks so much different through my lens (and a lot more fun for them because I tell them to jump higher instead of stop it…) A photograph of a moment that would normally pass by rather unmemorable (like looking for breakfast in the fridge) can be beautiful and remind me to stop, enjoy it, be present. Also, I rarely get in the frame myself and a pic with my sweet hubby was long overdue.

I’ve met so many amazing photographers recently and been blessed to collaborate with many of them on various platforms from IG loops to blog circles. I have been unofficially shooting a project 52 since June of 2017 and having this community of photog buddies has helped me stay accountable to my work and keep the joy in shooting.  I’ve even decided to continue the project and keep it official through 2018.  I am still keeping it real over here and not pressuring myself to share on a regular basis, but having these circles helps give my work a home.  A place that it can live and be shared. So here’s my first few weeks of 2018.

Be sure to follow the circle all the way around to see the incredible artists featured in the circle this month! Up next is Cleveland Newborn Photographer, Chelsey Hill!

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