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Dec. 23rd-31st | Week 52 | P52

Last week of 2019!!! We had beautiful weather; sunny and between 40s-60s!  We took the kids for a nature walk at Asylum Nature Preserve to get some exercise and fresh air.
Christmas Eve and last night of advent! We lit all of the candles this week and finished the Jotham’s journey book on Christmas eve, Christmas morning. Christmas Eve we signed up for a service project at our new church to go Christmas caroling at a nursing home as a family. Afterwards, we attended their Christmas eve service in Bronson Park.  Christmas morning excitement!!! Cinda was the first to be up!Christmas morning excitement, energy, fun, magic, and mess!Opening their Harry Potter wands!The after math…Robby’s headlamp… lol.It was 50 degress on Christmas day so the kids were able to play outside and try some of their new toys.  Cinda got light up roller blades from Nana!
Robby got a new two wheel scooter like the big kids!!!Isaac and Daddy shooting hoops with Isaac’s new basketball!Our big gift to the kids was a trip to Soaring Eagle Water park.  They loved the bunk beds, and Cinda and Isaac didn’t have to fight over who got to sleep on the top bunk!

I took the gopro.  The lighting was awful, so the picture quality is terrible, but the memories are beautiful!!!

New Year’s Eve we hosted a pajama party and had friends over.  I had so much fun, I forgot to take a single picture or video clip on our last night of 2019.  The memories are in my brain at least, even if they aren’t on this blog.

Dear Father,

Thank you for this blessed year full of so much goodness and grace.  Thank you for my family and for these memories. Looking through these memories, and the joy I feel so deeply  for the experiences my kids have had this year must be how you feel watching me unwrap all of the blessings you have in store for me each day.  I pray that I can live out the gratitude in my heart through my actions in the coming year, and love you better by how well I love others.

In Jesus Name,


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