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January 14th-20th | Week 3 | P52

Isaac, you are so independent. I love that I can count on your help in the morning before school.  You are able to get your own breakfast and help Robby if he needs something when I am busy.

Jacinda, sometimes I forget you are 6.  You are so mature and speak like a little adult, but getting ready is not always easy for you in the morning and you still need me.  I’m sorry I am not always excited to help you through your morning routine, but I do love that you still need my help. I know it won’t last much longer. In spite of needing me, I am always amazing at how mothering and helpful you are with Robby.  You are a loving sister.

Winter decided to show up this weekend!  We woke on Saturday to snowing and blowing!

Robby, my little fruit loop <3

Robby, this week, one night before bed, you asked me if I would marry you! I told you that someday you would meet a girl that you would fall in love with and want to marry.  You asked what she would look like and if she would have blue eyes like daddy and your siblings, or brown eyes like ours. I told you that it didn’t really matter what she looked like on the outside, but that she was beautiful on the inside. You then asked what she would look like on the inside, and I told you that I hoped she would have a big heart.  Then you asked if my heart was big and I told you yes because you, Isaac, Jacinda, and Daddy live in there.  You told me that, ‘Ok, I’ll marry someone with a big heart like yours.” This conversation was so sweet, I want to remember it forever! <3


It was COLD outside! Daddy shoveled the driveway (although he wished he would’ve just used the gas and turned on the snow blower because it was heavy!), and we played outside.  

Isaac, our work horse. The snow was way too heavy for you this day, but you sure gave it a good try. You lost the shovel somewhere in the snow, but I’m sure we’ll find it when it melts! 

Probably not the cleanest snow to eat…

Hot Chocolate tastes the best in the mug’s Nana gave us at Christmas a few years ago.

Hot Chocolate mustache!

It was a fun weekend, but you are all exhausted. A little screen time before bed.  No school on Monday, so you all get to stay home with Daddy for the day while I go to work.

I’ve been shooting us more than usual for this project.  I keep asking you all if I am annoying and you keep saying I’m fine.  I hope you will tell me if and when you find the camera (and me with it) annoying. I love you people and that is why I annoy you <3

Week 3 starts at 2mins 18 secs in the video.

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