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January 21st-January 27th | Week 4 | P52

We only had school 3 days this week.  There was teacher PD for me on Monday and snow days for us all on Friday.

Robby, your lashes are so long and beautiful. People comment on them every time I take you to the doctor or dentist office. I asked you if I could take your picture and you said yes.

Then you did this…

Isaac, I asked if I could take your picture, and you said yes. You are always laughing.  Your nose scrunches up when you laugh just like mine.

Then you said, “Mom, take a picture of this…”

“And this…”  So I did, and I love them.

Lots of snow on Friday. The snow piles up on this window sill and the trampoline outside. The planter was a Christmas gift from a friend at work and I’ve actually kept it alive.  The little pinch pot was made by Jacinda in art class and has been sitting on the window sill since Kindergarten.

Bey blading is one of our favorite snow activities. 

I love how all of you sit on your feet with your toes stacked. 

I rarely get all three of you in the frame, but this time I did!

Hard at work playing playdough and making food.

Oh Jacinda, you were making me lunch with playdough.  I was taking a video clip and you said, “I think I’ll make wine.” I hope the audio was clear on that clip, because it will be a definite keeper.

Robby, you always try to follow me downstairs in the morning to wake up your brother so you can steal his bey blades. Stinker.

Dress up time!  “Mom, can you take my picture?” I LOVE when you ask me to take your picture.  I will almost always say YES! I didn’t put you in front of the wall that someone drew on with crayon on purpose, but it added some additional art to the image, I think…

Owen had a birthday party on Sunday, and I had to get a picture of you, Eli and Owen.  You three have been buddies since preschool and I have so many pictures of you together as you’ve grown.  I know this one will be cherished by all of us moms, as well.

Daddy hurt his ankle pretty badly at soccer, so the rest of you lucked out and got to go bowling with me while Isaac was at his party.  The smallest size bowling shoes were huge on Robby.

Waiting to see what happens…

Yes!  Celebration! Robby, you beat us all with the highest score in the game by about 20 points!

Cinda and Brooke.  Always fun to bring a friend along bowlng!

Week 4 starts at 3 mins 27 secs in the video.

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