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Nov. 25th- Dec. 1st | Week 48 | P52

A picture with our 2019 Christmas Tree!  Isaac spotted it right away.  It’s the largest and fullest tree we’ve ever had, although after we cut it down, we realized the inside needles are all brown and dead.  Fingers crossed the tree at least makes it until Christmas without dropping all it’s needles…We enjoyed the short ride to the tree field. Well, most of us.  Rob was still a little sore from his surgery, and didn’t quite appreciate all the bumps.  He walked back to the barn after we found our tree. Robby said, “Look, this tree is just my size!”Picture with Dad! Thanks dad for getting a picture of the kids with me! (Even if it is OOF…)BIG candy canes at Red Creek Tree Farm!A picture with the giant Rudolph!It snowed softly and beautifully while we were out Christmas Tree hunting. A fun family day!This was the week of Thanksgiving.  We watched the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade at home in the morning and then spent Thanksgiving Day at Aunt Brenda’s with the Fletcher Family.  Friday was our tree hunting day.  While the kids decorated the tree, I cooked all day and made our own little family Thanksgiving.  We had leftovers to eat all weekend so I didn’t have to cook! It was a relaxing and festive break.

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