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March | P12| Our 2020

It has been a strange month. We are living during a world wide pandemic. Coronavirus is sweeping through our nation and our world.  On Friday, March 13th, schools were closed for what was to be a 3 week break in order to allow people to stay home and not spread the virus.  On Tuesday, March 24th, it was announced that schools would remain closed for the rest of the school year and a distance learning plan would be implemented.
Many businesses have been offering things free.  Free workout apps, free audio books.  All businesses deemed non-essential are closed.  The Kalamazoo Nature Center is closed, but has opened it’s trails for free.  We took advantage the first week and enjoyed a trail walk in the cold rain.
For a science lesson one day, we decided to go to Pilgrim Haven and look for beach rocks.  We found SO many.  The goal was to bring them home and look them up on the internet to learn about them.  Well, I googled “Michigan Beach Rocks”.  Guess what I learned? It’s illegal to remove rocks from the beach due to erosion.  Oops.  We will return them next trip out!
Rob celebrated his 44th birthday this month.  He was sick, so I made him stay quarantined in his bedroom all day.  Not a fun day for him.  Fortunately, the weather warmed up the following week and we have enjoyed lots of family time outside in the yard together.  He has been laid off and home with us for much of this Stay-at-Home order.
Scooter gang!
Isaac was accidentally hit in the face with a disc golf by Robby. He got a nice shiner from it.Super-hopscotch!Homemade chalk paint!
We are homeschooling now. It’s been challenging and rewarding at the same time.
We had snow one day this month.  Lots of snow!  The kids took advantage and went outside.  They made not one, but FOUR snowmen!  Hermione, Harry, Ron, and I don’t know who the last one was…
“Mom, take our picture?” “YES!”

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